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What is LancerMEDIA?

LancerMEDIA is Agincourt Collegiate Institute’s official social media platform of  and is managed by the Agincourt Computer Council (ACC).


What does LancerMEDIA include?

LancerMEDIA includes the following services:

  • šLancerFLICK
    • Our official Flickr account for sharing school pictures; follow us!
  • šLancerLINK
    • Our official school app for Android and iOS device users; download it!
  • šLancerPAGE
    • Our official Facebook page for information and discussion; like us!
  • šLancerPRESS
  • šLancerTUBE
    • Our official YouTube channel for sharing school videos; subscribe it!
  • šLancerTWEET
    • Our official Twitter channel for sharing school announcements; follow it!
  • šLancerTV
  • šLancerWEB
    • Our official school website; visit it!

How does it work?

The following graphic explains how our various services communicate with one another:


How do I submit content?

Contact LancerMEDIA by sending an e-mail to the service(s) you are interested in and a representative from LancerMEDIA will get back to you:

  • šLancerFLICK: LancerFLICK@agincourtcollegiate.ca
  • šLancerLINK: LancerTWEET automatically posts to LancerLINK.
  • LancerPAGE: LancerFLICK, LancerTUBE and/or LancerTWEET automatically post to LancerPAGE.
  • šLancerPRESS: LancerPRESS@agincourtcollegiate.ca
  • šLancerTUBE: LancerTUBE@agincourtcollegiate.ca
  • šLancerTWEET: LancerTWEET@agincourtcollegiate.ca
  • šLancerTV: LancerFLICK, LancerTUBE and/or LancerTWEET automatically post to LancerTV.
  • šLancerWEB: LancerWEB@agincourtcollegiate.ca

Please note that students cannot submit content without staff approval.

Who do I contact if I have more questions?

Please send your questions to acc@agincourtcollegiate.ca and a representative from LancerMEDIA will get back to you.