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Q: How do I check my print quota?

A: Follow these steps to check your print quota:

  • Open the “Agincourt Collegiate Institute” folder on your desktop
  • Double-click on the icon called “LAS-Local Admin System”
  • Click on the green “START” button
  • Select the”Print” option from the top menu
  • Your page balance will be listed under “Print Quota Balance”


Q: Do I need to add the printer at a print station?

A: No! The printer is automatically added as your default printer when you login at a print station.


Q: How many pages do I get at the start of the school year?

A: Every student is given 50 free pages of printing for the school year.


Q: My print jobs are not coming out of the printer.

A: Check to see if you have enough pages in your print quota.


Q: I am out of print quota, where can I get more?

A: Go to the Main Office to purchase more print quota.


Q: How much does extra print quota cost?

A: Print quota can be purchased at a rate of $5 for 50 pages; this works out to 5¢ per page.


Q: Does my print quota expire?

A: Your balance expires at the end of each school year and is reset to 50 pages in September.


Q: The printer is out of paper, what should I do?

A: Tell the Main Office and paper will be promptly added for you.


Q: Can I use the print station to browse the web or edit my documents?

A: No! The print stations are strictly for printing only.